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April 6, 2011
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Conall Reference by Mongrelistic Conall Reference by Mongrelistic
Cover/Archive of his audition: [link]

Edit: 9/5Updated his personality and added more info on Myne and Jera.
Also I might update the image of the ref, I'm finding I draw his face much fluffier than shown here...

Name: Conall
Breed Base: Irish Wolfhound
Age: 3-4 years
Height: 35 inches (at shoulder)
Weight: 140 lbs
Gender: Male
Abilities: Second Sight, he can see through the eyes of another individual. He is completely helpless in this state, as he has to go into a deep trance. He experiences their emotions during this state, but not does not know their thoughts.
If done with a proper ritual between himself and the individual, he can explore their mind and learn their thoughts, history, and anything they know. He does this as a service and will council them about their troubles.

- Due to his massive size, he is fairly strong. He often tries to topple any opponent over with his mass.
- He has high endurance and stamina.
- The deer skull provides some protection to his face, but easily falls off.

- He has bad reflexes and pretty poor agility.
- He can have trouble fitting in a lot of narrow spaces.
- The fellow is pretty clumsy.
- There's a severe blind spot when he is wearing the deer skull, literally in front of his face.

Conall is friendly and typically very gentle around others, especially smaller dogs and animals. While he does his best to keep his cool, often times he can easily forget his own strength. This escalates from getting carried away, to not even caring or paying attention to how much he's hurting someone during a fight. He's not in a blind rage, just caught up in the hype from violence. He'll deny anyone calling him a sadist, though. He doesn't TRY to kill anyone, it just happens by accident.
He wears his skull mainly because it is soothing to him. He will feel much calmer, whether or not Myne is talking to him.
Conall is one of the easiest fellows susceptible to feeling guilty about something he's done. A big scruffy dog on the outside, but a smoosh-able softy on the inside.

History:There's a man inside the skull on his head, or at least Conall is certain there is.
He craved attention that was rarely met in his adolescence. He wanted to please others but wasn't good at anything except being big. He didn't want to be good for that. He was(or is) pretty smart. He wanted to be talked to and asked questions. When he spoke, he was often ignored as others assumed he had nothing interesting to say since he always tripped over his words. So he started biting to get their attention. At first it was nips and quick snaps, over time it grew to be increasingly savage. He never thought of it as an brutal rage, but like how someone may yank on your arm to get your attention… except the yank might pop your joint out of place.
When he was a bit over a year old, the hound came across the skull alongside a bag of runes in an abandoned building.
He's always had a fancy for rats since then, and has had Jera as a companion ever since she was old enough to stray from her mother(as rats only live for about a year). More to be revealed over time~

Likes: Humans(kind of as a hobby interest), the skull, Jera and most small animals, witty humor, rune casting
Dislikes: Overfed Egos, careless killing, others trying to wear the skull or take his runes.

- He's a traveling shaman/witch doctor/medicine man/or whichever term you prefer. He does rune readings(Elder Futhark), guided meditation, and general shamanic work.
- He has a slight Irish-Scottish accent.
- Conall firmly believes in spirits/guides, ghosts, and an afterlife(which he calls the Otherworld, as is in celtic lore). His belief is something along the lines of Paganism, but he remains very vague about the details. He doesn't really talk about it casually, which often carries into awkward conversations when dogs ask him about the skull on his head.
- Conall knows no one else can hear Myne. He's learned to try to ignore the odd stares he gets or to try to only talk to him when no one is around.

She tends to ride on his back when traveling, or sometimes tries to balance between the antlers on his skull-mask. Her primary uses are for assisting him in rune readings, rituals, and reattaching this rune bag or skull. Also as someone to talk to, although she doesn't speak. She's inquisitive, patient, and calming. She can easily get nervous around other large dogs, but does her best to hide it. Whenever Conall gets into a fight she does her best to run and hide, but close enough to be able to reunite with him quickly.

Gender Male
Species Human Spirit(inside a deer skull mask)
Myne is the spirit of a dead man that inhabits the skull Conall wears on his head. He remembers once being human, although he can never quite be precise on where he comes from or how old he was(he simply says 'old enough'). While he remains quiet when asked nicely, he enjoys teasing Conall and 'poking fun' at others. Dogs are somewhat funny to him, he's still learning how and why they behave the way they do. If you were stuck to be observing the world amongst dogs, you'd get weird thoughts too. One can also speculate he must have been an animal lover during life, or that all this time being dead the spirit has become very, very, bored.
- He is aware of everything around him, although it all seems very fuzzy until a figure is at a close range(of about 15 feet).
- His voice is deep, and typically very gentle.
- He doesn't feel pain.
- If Myne is simply a voice inside Conall's head, this mutt has some serious problems. D:

Did I leave anything important out?

It's 3:00 AM....
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ZappyAttack Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Student General Artist
Heeey I'm you round one opponent :3
Quick good of a swimmer is he?
Mongrelistic Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011   General Artist
He's a decent swimmer. Definitely not extraordinary, but not poor at it either.
ZappyAttack Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Student General Artist
ok, thank you :3
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I love that breed :heart:
You did really good job ^^
Mongrelistic Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2011   General Artist
Wolfhounds are one of my favorites, and thanks!
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chocobo591 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011
That skull is quite awesome! As well as his primary ability, could be indeed quite useful to see where (kind of) your opponent is. ...of course when you first have found a place where itīs not easy to spot you...

Hmm... what kind of a person is Jera actually?
Mongrelistic Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011   General Artist
A bit inquisitive, patient, and calm. I suppose she isn't exactly afraid of other dogs, but very VERY cautious.
I guess I should write up something about her in the info, that might be helpful. >.<
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